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By phone : + 962 6 5934400
By Fax: + 962 6 5934408
Mailing address : The Jordan Institute of Diplomacy
P. O. Box 850746
Amman 11185, Jordan.

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Director of Training and Education:

Dr. Amani Jarrar
5934400 ext. 187



Head of Training Section: Abdallah harahsheah
5934400 ext. 186



Head of Research Section Abeer Qatanani
5934400 ext. 123




Assistant Editor of the Jordanian Diplomat Journal Ammar Muhesn
5934400 ext. 159




Head of Human Resources & Bureau Section Mohannad Etan
5934400 ext. 121




Head of Financial Section: Amer Bisharat
5934400 ext. 125




Head of Public Relations and Media Section: Rania Omari
5934400 ext. 153




Head of International cooperaion Section: Ruba Zinati
5934400 ext. 157



The JID is situated in a residential suburb of Amman. The building, was designed and built by Jordanian architect Rasem Badran. Great attention was paid to functionality and the symbolism of the JID, that stands for knowledge, culture and helping upgrade Jordan's performance in external affairs. The design chosen inspires this philosophy by virtue of its diversity of architectural touches in the context of a unit of Arab and Islamic character. [View Location Map]